Protecting Digital Media Against Piracy with Blockchain-Watermarking Technology

Every day organizations experience theft of their intellectual property and revenue, for example, films, books, and sensitive documents, that are leaked on to the dark web. DigiProtect, an innovative product from PreSoft Solutions (“PreSoft”) and its inventor-partner Custos Media Technologies (“Custos”), addresses this problem by providing a patented Blockchain-Watermarking-based technology that allows media owners and distributors to identify when and where their property is leaked and stop the infringement immediately.

DigiProtect Integrated Solution

Our flagship product DigiProtect is an integration service backed by Custos and IBM Aspera for clients who are determined to protect their digital media such as Video or eBooks.  Its flexible and scalable platform uses cutting-edge Blockchain-Watermarking and Aspera‘s Fast and Secure technology to protect filmmakers and distributors to distribute their content securely and quickly anywhere in the world. Whether distributing copies to reviewers or marketing thousands, DigiProtect is the seamless video distribution software solving two primary issues that the creative industry has been waiting for:

  • Video Content Piracy, and
  • Fast & Secure Media Distribution (Minutes Vs Hours)

DigiProtect’s Core Competitive Advantage and Differentiators

There are other competing technologies in the market, but none uses the distributed Blockchain-Watermarking and IBM Aspera technologies to solve the piracy and distribution problem. In that sense, DigiProtect is offering a unique value proposition to clients, which can detect when and where leaks occur quickly. The fact that we add tracking to each copy is meant to instill a credible threat of detection on any future would be pirates.

Market Results

Pre-or early release movies typically experience between 20–60% of the titles to be leaked from early stage piracy, whereas DigiProtect effectively stops this piracy resulting in zero leaks from over two hundred thousand (200,000) copies of movies processed year to date.  DigiProtect works!!

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Digital Media Protection and Distribution

For Videos

Detection and prevention of leaks of pre- or early release Video files with secure worry-free distribution.

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For e-Books

A new and innovative way for publishers to protect eBooks against piracy without affecting honest users.

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Transfer large video files quickly using IBM Aspera‘s fast, secured, and adaptable transmission protocol.

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What the inventor of this technology is saying?

Real words from the inventor himself!

Protecting Digital Media Against Piracy